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High Quality Palo Santo

100% All-Natural Wood

Sustainably Harvested 

7 Sticks in Hemp Bag

Recycable Shipping Materials


Clear the air during your next 420 session & bring in all the positive vibes. An all-natural woodsy scent hinting of pine & mint will leave you wondering if you're deep in the forest. Energetically cleansing, Palo Santo sticks are sustainably harvested & gathered by hand from the forest floors of Peru. Each stick is handcrafted and varies in thickness and size.


Pair with your favorite strain. 


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100% All-Natural Palo Santo

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  • Instructions Included

    Light the end of the stick

    Burn for 30 seconds

    Put out the flame & allow embers to smoke

    A rich earthy scent will cleanse & fill the air

    Bring in all the positive thoughts & energy

    Set stick in a fireproof bowl

    Re-light as often as needed

    Keep away from children & pets 

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